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Youth Education 

A. Objects:

  • The registered resident of Taiwan
  • At the age between 12 and 18 years-old
  • Form poor family which is not affordable for the resident’s daily life expense.


B. Fee Scale: Free of Charge(governmental sponsorship)


C. Accommodation: The Chuang-jing Building and Chi-chiang Building


D. Scale of Service
(1) Daily Life Guidance: Mentors for 24-hr caring and constantly contact with the student’s parents and teachers to update to student’s learning and daily progress.

(2) School Work Guidance: In addition to the daily programs in school, we hire after-school tutor for the students.

(3) Facilitation on higher education and/or employment: For the students who pass the entrance examination of higher education, we will support them until graduation. For the students who are willing for employment, we will arrange them to the vocational training center for training and facilitate them for employment.

(4) Recreation and entertainment: We arrange activities of sports, group fun games, dancing/singing and other entertainments base on the talent and interest of the students.

(5) Other services: Such as health care services, holding event of Family Days.

Last update:2017-11-02