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The Aged Nursing 

The Aged Nursing

A. Object: The registered resident who aged over 65 and/or aged over 60 with Handbook of Handicapped and verified as low-income qualification.


B. The abridgement: We decline the patients of epidemic disease, mental disorder and phthisis


C. Scale of Charge: governmental sponsorship(free of charge)


D. Service Scope:
1. Daily-life care: We serve meals of health and nutrition for the residents daily. For the residents who cook, we offer an open kitchen. We have suites of different types to meet the requirements for the residents. Periodically, we offer free clothing for the residents. Every month, we grant allowance of NTD 3000 each month and the residents aged over 90 will get additional NTD 1000 for nutrition fee.
2. Health Care: We have nurses and contact doctors to provide the residents medical service of clinic, disease prevention, injury/disease nursing and health education. For the severe illness, we will transfer to the hospital for inpatient.
3. The recreational services: We host annual tour and monthly birthday parties. For the festivals, we also host related events. The resident can choose clubs for croquet, chess, handcraft production, singing/dancing and Buddhism to enrich their spiritual life.
4. Other services: for example, liaising and writing letters to the residents’ relatives and friends by requests of the residents. Renew the National Health Insurance Card, register the household for the residents…etc.

Last update:2017-11-02