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Welfare of the Residents 

A.The self governance: Encouraging the residents joined the management meeting/ Love and care
a.Electing the chief of the village: We divided the residents into several villages according to the residents’ gender, health condition and identification and have the residents select one resident as chief of their own villages. The chief of the village will coordinate the public affairs.
b.Organize the Diet Committee and Welfare Committee and the Discipline Committee: We have the residents select the committee members among themselves and coordinate the affairs on the diet, welfare allowance and reward/punishment affairs.
c.Participating the Funeral Affairs: the representatives will tally the hangover of the deceased resident with the Counselors and summon the funeral meeting and inform other residents to join the funeral.
d.Holding the resident conference: We hold the resident conference every half year. The resident is entitled to express their opinions in public and discuss with other residents and the management.

B.Love and care
a.Organize the task force of resident care:The member of the task force includes the resident representatives, volunteers, the managers. The task force hold meeting on specific agenda and control the schedules of specific missions and solve the problems which the residents concern.
b.Organize the case study metting: For the residents who have improper conducts, we have meeting with the managers and counselors and social workers to discuss the best solution to deal with the residents with improper conducts.
c.Increasing the manpower of volunteers: We have recruited 70 volunteers and divided them into 4 groups as Catholic, Ren-ai, Tsz-en and I-Kuan-Dao on the basis of the volunteers’ religions . The volunteers accompany the residents for activities as visiting, caring, praying on designated schedule and assist the residents for daily nursing.

Last update:2017-11-02