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Health care

  1. We invite hospitals to support our health care services to assign doctors and nurses to provide us on-site clinic service in our institute. Also we provide health inspections for the residents regularly. Such as the “chest X-ray inspection”, “adult health inspection”, “Influenza vaccine injection”…etc. In addition, we have installed facilities for rehabilitation in our institute to enhance our residents’ health.
  2. We set up “Hsiang-yang Physical Treatment” in our institute and have the professional physical therapist to provide on-site rehabilitation treatment for the disabled residents.
  3. We will send the resident who ill severely to the hospital by ambulance. Also we have contract hospital to offer our residents medical inpatient treatment on the base of specifically assigned staffs and specific region in the contact the hospital.
  4. We invite scholars and experts to deliver health education in group and person to enhance the aged citizens’ health care knowledge.
  5. We provide practical training opportunity for the medical student to cultivate their ability on long-term nursing for the patients.


  • The contract doctor provide on-site clinic for our residents 
  • Regular X-ray chest inspection for the residents
  • Health Inspection for the residents
Last update:2017-11-02