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Service & Organization 


  • Name: Southern Region Senior Citizens' Home, Ministry of Health and Welfare
  • Address:No.1,Hasiang Yang Lane,Lin5,Juikuang Li,Pingtung City,Pingtung Hsien,Taiwan prov.,R.O.C Telephone NO. : (08)7223434 (08)7223434  
  • Service Area : Looking after the aged in the six counties and cities,Chiayi County(City),Tainanvounty(City),Kaoshiung County,and Pingtung County.Bringing uo the teenagers in all the counties and cities on Taiwan Island.
  • Authorities Concerned L Ministry of the Interior R.O.C.
  • Source of Qutlay: Listing yearly public affairs budget and social welfare fund budget according to number of resident and working plan.
  • Service Item:
    a. Looking after the aged
    b. Bringing up the teenager
    c. Nursing the aged in the daytime
    d. Other welfare service of the aged


  1. One Chief: Managing the affairs within this home. Also, there is onesecretary to assist the chief to manage the affairs.
  2. Social Work Section: Investigating and visiting the resident in this Home and directing the activities.There are ont section chief and two social workers,
  3. The Aged Section :Taking care of the old resident in this Home. There is one section chief and seven guides.
  4. Teenager Bringing-up Office : Direction life of the teenager in this Home ,educating and controlling them.There are one director and two guides.
  5. Medical Treatment Section: Taking the responsibility of resident’disease ,hygiene ,health protection ,nursing service and health insurance.There are two nurses.
  6. Administration Room :Managing document,revenue and expenditure,property,research,and all the affairs not managed by other sections.There are one chief, two members of cpmmittee,and two clerks.
  7. Accountion Room: Managing annual account ,accounting and static affairs in accordance with the law.There is one chief and two assistants.
  8. One personnel Adnistrator: Administrating personnel in accordance with the law.
Last update:2017-11-30