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(1) On February 3, 1948, this organization was set sp as ordered by Taiwan Provincial Government, R. O. C. . At first, it was entitled “Taiwan Provincial done at Kaohsiung Private Poor House,”and the office work was done at Kaohsiung Private Poor House.


(2) In March.1948,the present address,all the lands and buildings of Chun Cheng Fruit Factory at Jui Kuang Section, Min Sheng Rd.,Pingtung City,Taiwan Prov.,was taken over as ordered.


(3) On Nov.1.1949. the name was altered to “Taiwan Provincial Pingtung Poor House”as ordered by Taiwan provincial Government.


(4) In March,1955,as ordered this organization settled part of old compatriot winthdrew from Ta Chen Island.

(5) In June, 1975,this organization settled old overseas Chinese refuges from Vietnam as ordered.

(6) From July 1, 1976 on ,because of following ”Charity & People loving”, the principle of Mr. Chiang, the late president, and considering self-esteem of residents in this organization, Taiwan Provincial Government ordered all the public and private poor houses in Taiwan to be entitled ”Humanity Home.


(7) On July. 1, 1999,the name was aktered to “South Part-Elder’s Hone of M.O.I”


(8) On July. 23, 2013,the name was aktered to “Southern Region Senior Citizens' Home, Ministry of Health and Welfare

Last update:2017-11-02