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General Condition of Service 

(1)Looking after the aged:
a. Number of Persons Looked After:440 persons.
b. Object for Looking After: the persons who are Setting up household in Taiwan province, over 65 years old, with low income , and without support.
c. Limitation: No accommodating the persons who suffer infection, serious illness, mental illness, and tuberculosis, or do not have I. D. card.
d. Charge Standard: public fund (no charge)
e. Buildind: There are some responsibility area ,including Yen Nien Building, Yi Shou Building, Sung Po Building, Chag Ching Building, Hsia Ling Building ,Ta Te Building, and so on.
f. Service Item:
a) Life Service: Assisting in everyday life, keeping net and clean indoors, outdoors, and maintaining personal hygiene.
b) Meal Service: Providing nutritious and clean food. Besides, there is small kitchen for personal cook.
c) Medical Treatment: There are doctors and nurses providing outpatient treatment, preventing disease, nursing the patient, and giving health protection lecture. In case that there is serious illness, the patient will be transferred to the hospital for treatment.
d) Recreation Service: Arranging travel every year,holding birthday party every month; besides, holding the activities concerned according to the festivals. The residents in the Home could join the activities they are interested in, such as hammer ball, chess, handicraft, singing, so that theay could improve their spiritual life.
e) Other Service: Including contacting relatives, friends, writing letters for the residents in this Home, anewHealth Insurance Card, changing household.

(2)Bringing Up The Teenager
a. Number of Persons Brought UP: 70 persons
b. Object for Bringing Up: the teenagers who are setting up household in Taiwan Province, over 12, below 18 years old, from poor families, Healthy physically and mentally, and with good characters.(including both male and female)
c. Charge Standard: Public fund
d. Building; Chang Ching Building and Tzy Ching Building
e. Service item:
a) Life Guide: The guides work on shift day and night, Besudes,the guildes communicate with student’s parents, teachers directly to understand teenagers’ daily conditions.
b) Lesson Guide: Besides normal school study un the daytime, this Home hires teachers to do the extracurricular guide.
c) Advanced Study & Employment Guide: The teenagers who enter into junior college or university(college) through passing the examination will be provided with public fund till their graduation, Other teenagers who do not continue further study will be introduced to occupation training center to learn practical skills.
d) Recreation Service: Promoting physical education, group activities, folk songs and dance in accordance with teenagers; talent
e) Medical treatment, health protection, parent teacher meeting, travel, and so on.

(3)Nursing The Aged In The Daytime:
a. Number of persons Nursed : 30 persons
b. Object for Bringing Up: the persons who are setting up household in Pingtung area, over 60 years old, able to move, healthy physically and mentally. (also including the persons who suffer slight apoplexy but can take care of themselves)
c. Facilities: There are bedrooms, classrooms, recreation rooms, dining rooms, kitchen, garden, and so on.
d. Chang Standard: Free for the persons with low income, except for that,NT$2,6000 will be changed per month for food. drink, traffic, and activities.
e. Serving Time: 8:00 AM-5:30 PM from Monday to Friday; No service on Sunday or holiday
f. Service Item:
a) Traffic Service: There is particular bus receiving and sending off the aged every day.
b) Health Protection: There is nursing bus receiving and sending off the aged every day.
c) Meal Service: Providing lunch and dinner, holding birthday party evert month.
d) Afternoon Nap: There are male and female bedrooms. Everyone has his bed for rest in the afternoon.
e) Recreation Service: There is out on every Wednesday.This Home hires teachers to direct every kind of activities. All the facilities and equipments in this Home are public, including hammer ball field, rehabilitation room, KTV, all kinds of books newspapers and magazines. The aged can read, chat and infuce tea there.
f) Consultation: All kinds of welfare and psychological support are available.

(4)Other Welfare & Services:
a. Increasing participation of residents in this Home;
a) Selecting Head of Self-government: One representative of self-government is selected from every responsibility area to reflect the affairs within the area and cooperate with official clerk to manage the affairs within the area.
b) Organizing Meal Committee, Welfare Committee and Discipline Committee; Representatives, selected by the resident, join in these committees to jointly deal with the affairs about meal, allowance, award and punishment.
c) Joining in Funeral Affairs Managing Meeting: When the resident passes away, the representatives will jointly check the personal belongings of the deceased , and invite the resident in this Home to join in the funeral.
d) Holding resident Meeting: The public resident meeting, held every half if year, gives the resident chances to express their opinions directly, publicly, and communicate with others fully.
b. Love And Concern:
a) Organizing Resident Concern Team: The members include representatives of resident, representatives of volunteer works, and service chiefs, Every month, the team regularly chooses the topic and list executive schedule to timely solve the affairs the residents are concerned about.
b) Strengthening Volunteer Service: At present, there are about 120 volunteer workers, basing on the difference of religion they are divided into four groups, Catholicism, Humanity, Buddhism, and Yi Kuan. Every week, they regularly offer the friendship. Concern, accompany the patient, attend worship and assist to look after the resident on shift.

Last update:2017-11-02