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The Outlook

The Outlook

We have established for 60 years and made a lot of progress by the leadership and the efforts of our employees. For further institutional development, before the 60th anniversary, we have set up following goals: 


A. Establishing Nursery Department and increasing the man power on enhancing the nursing quality of the disabled residents: We will increase the bed number in the new building for the mid and severe handicapped elders to meet the accommodation requirement of the disabled senior citizens. However, we are short of man power for nursing due to the absence of nursing department. We will request the Ministry of Internal Affairs to expand our institute for establishing the nursing department, increasing the head counts of nurse and caretaker to enhance the nursing quality.

B. Expanding our service scale of youth education—sheltering the children from the non-indigenous poor families: For the location and historical factors, most of the residents of our institution are indigenous people. To increase the utilities of the governmental resources, we will expand our sheltering services for the youth of non-indigenous families.

C. Enhancing the social work quality to meet the requirement of Senior Social Worker Act: We provide the resident of our institute with professional services and solve problems for them to help them find their feet in our institution and have their living of quality. To meet the requirement of Senior Social Worker Act, we will encourage the social workers, mentors to acquire the license of senior social worker to secure the professionalism and service quality of the institution.

D. Enriching the spiritual life of our residents: We will add the rooms with required facilities and equipments for the groups/ club activities, KTV, praying…etc. Also we will organize events for the residents to enhance the recreation quality for the residents. In addition, we will strengthen the function of the task force of resident caring for fulfilling our goal for caring the residents and enhancing their spiritual life.

E. Proactively promote the senior citizen social services of community: In order to meet the policies of “community of social welfares” and “social welfares for community”, we have launched the community service center for the senior citizens and provide day-time aged caring service for the families in the neighborhood. In addition, we provide free consultancy. Karaoke, library service for the residents in the community neighborhood. We aim to leverage the resources of our facilities/equipment to deliver the services of day time nursery, short-term sheltering, and lunch service for the aged citizens in the community. This will build a strong tie with our institute and the community. The aged people of our institute will join the community activities and the aged people in the community will use our resources as well.

Last update:2017-11-02